EHO muteboards

Design your own quiet and comfort.
EHØ acoustic panels are an aesthetic and accessible way to reduce
noise in the home and office, as well as in public spaces:
schools, preschools, cafés, theatres, cinemas.

Buildings and their interiors are designed for our eyes and not for our ears

Noise is not caused just by working machines. Loud conversations, telephones, high heels clicking on the floor – all of this influences our mood.

The reverberations appearing indoors are harmful for the health, interfere with concentration and worsen our quality of life. This is the problem that has resulted in introducing an official acoustic norm for indoor spaces.


Eho is the successful combination of design
with functionality

First there was wood. Natural, warm, ideally filling out the space.
Working together, To Do Product Design + DEDE, we gave it a shape
that filters and absorbs sound waves in indoor spaces
and simultaneously underscores the character of the interior

about us

We invited scientists from the AGH University
of Science and Technology to cooperate with us.

The surface of the panel effectively reduces reverberations and absorbs sound
in the premises, which has been confirmed in tests


EHØ acoustic panels are
easy to install
as well asmaintain.

Our production technology, emerging from the principles of sustainable development, enables us to offer it at an accessible price.