Eho is the combination of design with functionality

This product was born from need. As DeDe Furniture we had a very comfortable and aesthetically pleasing office space, which was simultaneously completely unfriendly due to noise and reverberations.

Four gradations of natural wood color

Acoustic floor panel made entirely of wood, modular and easy to install.

It fulfils the demanding acoustic norms for community facilities. The product was born from need. As DeDe Furniture we had a very comfortable and aesthetically pleasing office space, which was simultaneously completely unfriendly due to noise and reverberations.

We began searching for an idea for an acoustic panel that would enable our ears to rest yet simultaneously be pleasing to the eye. The only initial assumption was an escape from cement and glass. And that is how a panel made entirely of natural wood emerged.

What’s important is that we used our machine park in the production, owing to which the concept is effective when it comes to both economic and ecological aspects.

In our design work we have been supported by the TO-DO Product DESIGN studio. Katarzyna Jakubowska and Tomasz Orzechowski are a duet that won the red dot (2013) and IF (2014) awards. We came together owing to our common way of thinking – together we wanted to analyse the essence of the problem and create a product that would influence the senses.

Parametry Techniczne

Panele EHO rozpraszają i pochłaniają dźwięki, dzięki czemu eliminują hałas, poprawiają brzmienie mowy i ułatwiają jej zrozumienie.







Acoustic norm

Panel akustyczny spełnia Polską normę PN-B-02151-4:2015-06 jest całkowicie nowym dokumentem, pierwszą Polską Normą odnoszącą się wprost do akustyki wnętrz.


Panele EHØ są bardzo proste w montażu. Można je zainstalować samodzielnie lub skorzystać z oferty naszego certyfikowanego partnera, firmy IKA-BUD. Nasz autorski, opatentowany sposób montażu opiera się na systemie giętych profili stalowych ze specjalną perforacją. Dzięki niemu, możemy łatwo regulować położenie paneli.


Do paneli w wyznaczone miejsca za pomocą wkrętów do drewna przykręcamy stalowe uchwyty.


Stalowe profile przytwierdzamy do ściany za pomocą śrub kotwiących Ø 10 mm. W profilach pionowych znajdują się specjalne wycięcia w które wkładamy profile poprzeczne, na których znajdują się perforacje do zamontowania paneli EHØ


Panel z przykręconymi uchwytami montujemy na poziomym profilu. Wycięcia w profilu przygotowane są w ten sposób że uchwyty zamontowane na panelu wpasowują się idealnie, nie ma możliwości pomyłki.


schemat przód


schemat tył




widok z boku

Wood lends our interiors a warm and friendly atmosphere, in order to maintain its shine and charm, it should be conserved appropriately.

Do not use any cleaning products containing chlorine and alcohol. Vacuum the surface, and then wash with water and soap, and wipe dry.
Remember to use a soft cloth.

EHØ S.A. with its registered seat in Kraków, manufacturer of the EHØ Muteboard decorative acoustic floor panel, provides a two-year quality warrantee for the product, counting from the date of purchase.
The warrantee covers the decorative acoustic floor panel together with the manufacturer’s installation system.
The warrantee covers all of Europe.
The condition of validity for the Warrantee is the product proof of purchase.
Any and all claims concerning the Warrantee must be lodged via electronic mail. The complaint shall by investigated by EHØ S.A. within 14 days of the date of receiving the complaint. In the situation where the defect requires a more precise analysis, the manufacturer reserves the right to extend this deadline.
During the period of validity of the Warrantee, any and all defects resulting from the inadequate quality of the materials used shall be resolved immediately and free of charge.

The warrantee loses its validity in the event of:
- independent, inappropriate repair by the client themselves,
- modification and introduction of constructional changes by the client,
- an inappropriate method of storing the product (storing the product outdoors, simultaneously subjecting it to the adverse effects of the atmospheric conditions, such as frost, rain, sunlight),
- the inappropriate manner of using the product,
- the removal or damage of identification elements of the panel.
The Warrantee doesn’t cover the following:
- natural flaws of the product, such as discolouration, single knots, mechanical damage to the product resulting from the inappropriate use thereof.

Issues that have not been covered in the instant Warrantee Conditions, are subject to regulation by the appropriate entries of the Civil Code.

EHØ panels hold all of the necessary certificates enabling their installation in community facilities. Our product holds an FSC® certificate confirming that the wood we use in its production always originates from a legal source.


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