Design and function combined

Build your own wall panel system that will decorate your room and improve its acoustic properties for more meaningful conversations and deeper focus at work.

Made out of a real need, based on research

We created our muteboards because we had a nice-looking office that was hard to work at. The noise and reverberation made everyday conversations and meetings a nuisance. So we wanted to find acoustic panels that would fix this issue while also matching the design of our office.
The task turned out to be more challenging than we thought. So many months and acoustic tests later, the EHØ system was born.

Award-winning design

EHØ is a hybrid acoustic system created in close collaboration with acoustic engineers and interior designers. We worked with the award-winning duo, TO-DO Product DESIGN studio: Katarzyna Jakubowska and Tomasz Orzechowski.
The panels themselves received multiple design awards, including the IF Design Award 2018 and Red Dot Award 2018.

Design and function combined


Natural, responsibly sourced wood

Our panels are made entirely from natural wood, making any interior warmer, with the 3D pattern creating an eye-catching shape.
The system holds an FSC® certificate confirming that the wood we use in its production is always sourced from legal, sustainable, and responsibly managed forests.

Tested acoustic properties

Noise is an underrated cause of many conditions – from sleep problems and poor performance at work or school to hearing impairment. Our patented construction absorbs the sound wave, trapping it behind the panel, and the 3D surface diffuses it.
This way, the system eliminates noise, making human speech more intelligible and music nicer to the ear. It also complies with acoustic norms for public spaces.

Easily assembled

EHØ panels are modular and very straightforward to install by yourself. Our patented assembly method is based on a system of bent steel profiles with perforation, making it easy to adjust the position of the panels.
Depending on the number of panels you select (even if it’s just one), you can create a space that goes with the style of your room or office.

Things to remember

To keep the wood’s properties, you need to take care of it just like any other wooden surface in your home or office.
Keep the room humidity at 45-65%.
Keep the room temperature at 18-22 degrees Celsius.
Before mounting the panels on the wall, acclimatize the wood in it.
Don’t use chlorine bleaches or alcohol to clean it.